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Though originally from Sante Fe, New Mexico, Perl spent the bulk of her life in Long Beach California before moving to Naples in 2019. She joined the HOB team as Christina Payton’s personal assistant for 2 years, working closely with her daily, as she completed the HOB Advanced Color Techniques & Principles Training Program. The hands on experience Perl gained from working with Christina was an awesome kick off to her career.


Since, Perl has quickly excelled in all areas, as evident in her continued ascension of our Salon levels. Her clients celebrate her driven, passionate and quirky personality, all characteristics that lend well to communicating with clients in order to set expectations and achieving the best results! Perl’s positivity and energy shines through as you often overhear her saying “Let's do this! This is going to be fun!” before her client transformations.

“I love doing color. It is so satisfying to be able to transform a client in just a few hours.”

Perl’s goal is to have a successful career behind the chair as well as the opportunity to educate as she becomes a leader in her field. HOB has full faith that even the sky isn’t the limit for Perl!

FUN FACTS: Perl loves motorcycles! She was a mechanic for several years and loves road trips on her bikes. She has ridden across the country and eventually plans to ride a motorcycle around the world. She is also a self-proclaimed “book nerd” and is always looking for a great must-read suggestion!

"My dream client is someone with an adventurous soul..."

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Featured Services

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