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New Clients are Welcome!

Everything that we do starts with our first interaction on the phone. 

At House of Blondes® we are always welcoming new clients! 

What sets us apart from other salons, aside from our priority focus on preserving the integrity of your hair while providing transformative results, is the extra time and care we take with each client from the moment you contact us to the moment you leave with hair that you love! When you sit in our chair, you are not just a client, you become family.


As an Olaplex® mandatory salon, we also include this in-salon treatment in every highlighting service, which you will see reflected accordingly in our pricing. To learn more about our 4 steps to Hair Wellness, which includes Olaplex and our other hair wellness treatments, click here.

Our team of Hair Colorists and Designers bring an astounding amount of experience with them in addition to undergoing owner Christina Payton's rigorous internal training program of up to 1,000+ hours of hands-on work before accepting a position on our salon floor. This additional training allows House of Blondes to offer consistency in application techniques and results, no matter which stylist you see! We are a team of perfectionists and do all hair with EXCELLENCE!


Last minute appointments are almost non existent, unless there's a cancellation. Our clients book ahead! You should always plan your appointment with us, or there is a possibility you will need to wait 30-45 days for an appointment. However, things happen! You are welcome to join our waitlist in the meantime!

Due to high demand, we do require a credit card on file upon booking your appointment to protect our 48 hour cancellation policy. For more information on our cancellation policies, fees & required deposits, click here.


We love to know what we are working with before you sit in our chair, which is why we ask that new clients submit a photo of their current hair and some inspiration photos. After we receive your photos, we will be able to recommend either a consultation with a specialist or the service(s) that best fit your #hairgoals. We will contact you within 1 business day to schedule your first appointment. When contacting us, please provide your full name and a phone number. Feel free to roam our Instagram, Facebook or Web Gallery for inspo pics!


Text them to our main salon phone # 239-287-3639 


Everything begins with the consultation at House Of Blondes! Your consultation does require a $50 deposit, which is applied towards your next service, should you book a future service before leaving your consultation. Respectfully, consulting with you takes time and time is on demand. A consultation consists of:

* Understanding who you are

* Understanding what you want

* Educating you on the process 

* Being honest with you about what is reality vs. expectation

We want to make sure that there is clear communication of the service that will take place! We are here to listen to your needs and wants, share education with you and recommend the best services to meet your #hairgoals! You can give us a photo, and we could give you everything you asked for and you could end up hating it! (Think about a platinum blonde who is seeing the 'rooted' trend, but maybe she just likes it in photos and not on her when she looks in the mirror.) 

.... or....

Maybe you think you just need highlights when in reality you need a color correction. We need to see and feel your hair to know if what you're trying to achieve is going to be a 2 hour appointment or a 5 hour correction. 


Communication is everything. We know all the right questions to ask to decipher between what you think you want & what you actually want!

PLEASE NOTE: Certain services, like new extension clients,  require a consultation.

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