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Hair Extensions

"There's an extension for everyone!"

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Keratin Fusion 

                                                                                Keratin fusion extensions

Keratin bonds ( also known as the  'strand by strand' technique ) have dominated the hair extension industry for years. They are known to be the most natural looking extension mimicking the natural hair pattern. Depending on the client and results desired, a full head  for length and volume range from anywhere between 100-150 bonds. These extensions are amazing for adding fullness in the delicate areas of the hair, such as around the face. You can also transform your haircut with how they are placed and styled. Proper application of fusion extensions are crucial when it comes to breakage and maintenance. A full service for application and shaping can take up to 4 hours. If you're just wanting some fullness, can be applied in as quick as 30 minutes. Even with offering different extensions services, keratin's are a House Of Blondes favorite!! 

Hollywood Wefts

Hollywood Weft™ has a lace header to securely hold the hair in place and gently attach to the client’s head.




Maintenance approx. every 8 weeks.
The hair is reusable for up to one year. 

Founder Victoria Lynch explains some of the benefits of the new Hollywood Weft™

“The lace base allows for a higher volume of hair in the weft. This shortens the application time to create stunning volume. The pre-designed three pieces reduced preparation time and also reduces shedding, which would normally occur when cutting a standard weft to the desired lengths. Extensionists could also look to attach clips to the lace and offer the Elegance Russian-Mongolian hair quality as a clip in too."