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Prepare. Repair. Protect.

At House of Blondes, in addition to our focus on expert color services, we pride ourselves on PROTECTION & REPAIR! The integrity of your hair must be protected both in salon and at home, in between services. In addition to our mandatory Olaplex® treatments and take-home products, we recommend Malibu-C® Wellness Solutions to our clients during every service.

There's a Malibu-C® wellness solution for everyone!

Why do I need a Malibu-C® treatment?

Repair hair damage & breakage caused by oxidation stressors from water, the environment and harsh chemicals like chlorine. We understand that everyone has different hair types with specific needs. Let our stylists evaluate the condition of your hair and choose the best solution for your hair type!

How long is the Malibu-C® treatment and how much does it cost?

We offer Malibu-C® Wellness Solutions as an in-salon add-on treatment to prepare and/or repair your hair, leaving you with an even more ideal result from your visits! Malibu-C products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with plant-derived ingredients. Treatments take up to 45 minutes and are $45. After the solution is applied to your hair, you will relax under a hooded hair-dryer for up to 45 minutes, as the solution is heat-activated.

What types of Malibu-C® treatments are available?

We offer many treatments including:

Color Prepare Wellness®

Extend the longevity of your vibrant color with this carefully crafted combo of home care essentials optimized with advanced ingredient technology to fiercely fight fade and deliver unparalleled protection for vibrant hues that stay true.

  • readies hair for unprecedented color absorption, coverage and retention

  • extends color vibrancy

  • counteracts brassiness, dullness and discoloration

  • accelerates color-processing time

  • stops the oxidation of salon chemicals, including peroxide, that cause scalp irritation/burning

Hard Water Wellness®

The majority of our water supply, especially in Florida, is classified as "hard" water.  This is the number one defense system against malicious minerals and other elements hiding in your hard and well water:

  • formulated with a patented, nature-identical vitamin C complex that activates on the spot for maximum potency

  • naturally draws out mineral buildup that turns hair brassy, dry and dull

  • removes discoloration caused by iron or copper

  • restores vibrant shine, moisture and manageability to hair

  • soothes dry, flaky scalp by eliminating calcium/lime deposits


Blondes Wellness®

This treatment takes blondes and highlights from dull to dazzling while delivering unmatched shine; infuses moisture; restores and maintains vibrancy. ​This treatment is the beauty must-have for some of Malibu’s most famous blondes; It nourishes and treats dry, damaged hair for improved elasticity, body and bounce, beneficial for any and all blondes—from “born that way” to “bombshell” platinum​

  • 100% vegan crystallized antioxidant remedy activates on the spot for maximum potency
    to instantly and naturally brighten blondes and highlights

  • purifies hair to prevent brassy, ashy, muddy tones

  • prevents breakage from bleaching services

  • helps protect scalp from itching and burning by neutralizing salon chemicals, including peroxide

Before & After of 1 Malibu-C® treatment

(no other services performed between the before & after)

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