A correction for the Hair God's

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

This correction was one for the Hair God's! All my fellow hair stylists know that this correction could have gone one of two ways, a bust or a complete Pinterest miracle!

This clients' hair was extremely porous & damaged. So much so, that I was afraid her hair was going to turn a muddy color; even using a warm formula. We did a consultation to discuss the possibilities and different outcomes. She went into the appointment knowing that she could very well leave; having hair she wasn't 100% satisfied with. At The House Of Blondes, we will always set your expectations low, and deliver high. Not to say that we won't nail your color the first time, but we are going to be transparent about the possible outcomes. If we could just slap color on your hair and call it a day, hairstylist's wouldn't be in business and you would be doing your hair yourself. ( We all know how that turns out.. LOL )

There are so many components that are involved in formulating for a client. This is why I require all of my new clients to have a thorough consultation with me. Most people think that you're interviewing me, but I am really interviewing you! If you're down to go through the process with me, then you will be my client. If you want Pinterest hair on the first visit, then we are not going to be a fit.

For the purpose of the expectation, my best advice for all hair stylists is to set the expectation low and deliver high. At HOB, if i can't nail your color in 3 visits, I give you permission to leave me, because we will know your hair by then. What we don't see on instagram everyday, is the process is takes to achieve a certain result, and it has set unrealistic expectations in the hair world.

For this particular client, I had questioned how to go about formulating her color because of the extreme condition of her hair. I threw out the first two mixes I did, went back to the principles of color and did a reverse balayage on her. We lightened her natural root and toned her existing blonde in one process. Such a beautiful transformation!!

Trust your gut, be 100% honest and transparent with your client and use precision in your technique!


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