Olaplex, is that you?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

If you've been following my instagram for awhile now, you would remember the client we had who was told by a previous stylist to wash her hair with detergent. Yes, that's right, laundry detergent!

In just 18 months, she was able to grow out her hair while she was seeing us for routine bleaching services!

Everyone had told her that she needed to shave her head. I knew what Olaplex did for me, when I too thought there was no hope for my hair! I took her as a client and have been able to completely transform her hair and her life. We have been doing "the most damaging thing for your hair". We have been bleaching and adding extensions! I barely had any hair to pick up when I began working on her, and now her hair is so healthy she doesn't even NEED extensions! I have put her on a very strict product regimen, along with #OLAPLEX treatments. This is proof that you can absolutely reconstruct the hair with proper care and technique, over time. As her extensions go, I cut all of my pieces in half to be a lighter weight for her hair, which has not caused her to have any breakage because of it!

This is what we are known for at The House Of Blondes, we never let the hair win!

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